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As I mentioned in my previous post, the Indiana State Fair reminded me of some important agricultural lessons: Farmers feed me, agriculture is more than corn and cows, and people are at the heart of farming and agribusiness. 

And those lessons gave me insight into what to cover on my blog.  I have decided to take the lessons I learned at the Indiana State Fair and focus blog posts around them.

Photo by Beeker.

Photo by Beeker.

My first area of focus on the blog will be “The Faces of Modern Agriculture.”  People are at the heart of farming and agribusiness.  I want to introduce you to the people who comprise the field of agriculture.  In the next few weeks, I’ll feature Kip Tom of Tom Farms.  Kip was recently profiled in “Indianapolis Monthly” and was noted for championing private business and his commitment to family.  In addition to farmers like Kip, I want to talk with ag economists, agronomists, commodity specialists and the next generation of farmers.

I will also feature posts on “Farming in the 21st Century.”  If you watch the news, you know that agriculture is more than corn and cows.  As agriculture has grown more complex over the years, the vocabulary has too.  Words like biotechnology and organic are perfect examples of terms that can be confusing.  What do those words mean for you and your food choices?  That’s the question I want to answer.

“From the Field to Your Fork” will look at the products we grow and produce in Indiana, and show you where they can be found in your daily life.  If you visited Indiana Soybean Alliance’s Glass Barn at the fair, you know that you can find the products of local farmers on the shelves of your grocery stores.  Farmers feed us, and I will show you how they do that.

My friends in the Ag community are fond of sharing this quote from Thomas Jefferson: “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will, in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.”  While I would contend there are other disciplines we would be wise to pursue (medicine, humanities, etc…), I do believe that agriculture is one area of life in which everyone should take an intense interest.  What and how we eat shapes who we are as individuals.  So join me in this journey of exploring Indiana Ag and learning about the people and practices that put food on our kitchen tables.

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