About “The (agri)Cultured Foodie”

At the Fair (David Maurer)Hi there! I’m Abigail Maurer and I serve as the assistant director of communication for the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. I am also the chief blogger behind “The (agri)Cultured Foodie.”

Growing up on the south side of Indianapolis, I was familiar with agriculture but failed to see its connection to my life. At Purdue University, I studied agricultural communication and began to understand the significance agriculture plays in the choices me make as consumers, especially in terms of the food we eat.

Agriculture is a rich and multifaceted component of Indiana’s cultural and economic identity. When it comes to food, agriculture in our state encompasses everything from milk and tomatoes, to fish and soybeans.

Governor Pence once said that Indiana has always done two things really well: Making things and growing things. My goal at “The (agri)Cultured Foodie” is to introduce you to what we make and grow in Indiana, and show you how those things impact what we serve at our kitchen tables.


2 thoughts on “About “The (agri)Cultured Foodie”

  1. Hey there! Remember us? Stop by anytime for a crop production “fix”. LOL

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