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Food and the Olympics

With the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies coming tomorrow night, it’s time we start talking about the food of the Olympics.

Interested in learning about what foods this year’s athletes enjoy munching on?  The Huffington Post compiled this list pairing athletes with their pleasure foods.  My favorite?  I like the fact that Snowboarder Kelly Clark drinks chocolate milk.  After all, chocolate milk is a great re-fuel food.


Kelly Clark and Chocolate Milk | Photo Source

Fitness Magazine interviewed some Olympic nutritionists and asked them about their top tips.  I was happy to hear that skipping breakfast is a bad idea.

Russia, the host country of this year’s Olympics, boasts a rich food culture.  During my visits to Russia during my high school years, I enjoyed some delicious food.  You can find a list of classic Russian foods here.  I plan on kicking off the opening ceremonies with a bowl of borscht!

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